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Emergency Aircraft Engines AOG

DGM New York has been working closely with the aerospace industry and logistics companies that support the movement of aircraft parts. For the uninitiated, a part designated as AOG (aircraft on ground) indicates an article that is required for a grounded aircraft in order for it to be put back into service.

An out of service aircraft can incur costs to an airline estimated as high as $925,000 EU per day. From a logistical stand point, the problem can be exacerbated further when an AOG shipment also involves dangerous goods. Many times an AOG dangerous goods shipment can only be transported on a cargo aircraft only flight (CAO). This limits the options for transporting the hazardous material shipment. DGM New York as well as the other DGM offices ( ) have the expertise and capability to handle these important and time sensitive shipments.

In a recent case study with DGM New York, a freight forwarder contacted DGM in the afternoon on a Friday. There was a flatbed carrying two gas turbine aircraft engines en route to JFK International Airport. The aircraft engines needed to make a flight out of JFK in the early hours of Saturday morning. The issue that the forwarder had was that the units were not marked and labelled and the shipper could not produce the required dangerous goods declaration.

Two Gas Turbine Engines JFK Airport (Jamaica, NY)

Thankfully, rectifying this situation was no issue for DGM. After a conference call and email exchanges DGM New York was able to schedule a dangerous goods specialist to rendezvous with the trucker at JFK airport 10 p.m. Friday night. After preforming an inspection, applying the required marking and labeling, and the issuance of a dangerous goods declaration, the engines were ready to be tendered to the air carrier. DGM New York's dangerous goods specialist even went the extra mile by waiting with the trucker and reviewed the shipment with the airlines' dangerous goods compliance contact to ensure that the cargo would make the required flight. DGM's dangerous goods specialist departed the airport around midnight, making for a long but successful day.

Do you have hazardous materials, AOG or general crating requests needs? If so contact DGM New York to see how our solutions can assist you operations.

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