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Ocean Container Services

Blocking and bracing ocean container dangerous goods limited quantity according to IMDG code_edited
Blocking and bracing dangerous goods container according to IMDG code requirements
wire spool blocking and bracing
DG container
blocking and bracing ocean shipment according to IMDG code explosives container air bags
UN specification, UN spec, UN code, steel drum, steel, drum, 1A1, 1A2, hazmat, hazardous material, d

DGM New York offers container loading, blocking and bracing services.  Whether it is dangerous goods freight or general cargo we can assist.  Our staff will select the correct method and materials for loading your cargo and properly distribute weight.  Once the loading is complete DGM will issue the VGM document, complete a dock receipt and send copies to the logistics company before the trucker leaves our dock.  

DGM New York also has the ability to load refer containers as well.  Contact us for further details about our ocean container services.  


A shipper loaded container container rejected due to inadequate blocking and bracing.  The container was transferred to DGM New York to be reworked.  


DGM New York's skilled staff members unloaded the container, preformed a final compliance check and reloaded correctly. 

DGM offers warehousing services to meet all of our customer’s needs, from freight forwarders to manufacturers and trading companies. Our versatile warehousing software allows for full customization of documents, labels, and categorization according to project requirements.

  • Full sprinkler system

  • TSA compliant security procedures

  • Security cages and video surveillance

  • Magaya ® LiveTrack offers 24-hour online customer tracking

  • Non-Hazardous and dangerous goods warehousing and distribution

  • Cross-docking

  • Inbound vendor consolidation

  • Inspection

  • Pick and Pack

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