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Dangerous Goods Services

DGM is known for its incomparable packing services for hazardous and non-hazardous shipments. Dangerous Goods Management deals with all of the complicated legislation and governmental requirements that pertain to each shipment while offering tailor-made solutions, reducing distribution costs and delays, and increasing shipment efficiency. DGM's services add value to any business by getting each job done quickly and within compliance. Each shipment is inspected based on the SDS information provided by the shipper. DGM's Dangerous Goods Specialists then package the shipment according to modal specific regulations (49-CFR, ICAO-T.I., IATA, IMDG Code).

Shipment Process Elements:

  • Material (Product) Receipt

  • Packing List Verification

  • On Hand Report

  • Itemized Tagging

  • Product Security

  • Customized Sample Packaging

  • Global Shipment Coordination

  • Issuance of Dangerous Goods Declaration

  • Transport Regulation Compliance

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Personalized Customer Care

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response Number


Key Components for Dangerous Goods Shipments:

  • Material Classification

  • Inner Package Limitations and Requirements

  • Outer Package Limitations and Requirements

  • Proper Marking and Labelling

  • Issuance of Dangerous Goods Documentation


For more information about dangerous goods declarations (ICAO and IATA) and IMO declarations (IMDG code): 


For more information about hazardous material packaging services: 

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