Dry Cell Batteries

Air (ICAO/IATA) Requirements


The words “Not Restricted” and the Special Provision number (A123) must be included in the description of the substance on the Air Waybill as required by 8.2.6, when an Air Waybill is issued.



Sealed, non-vented batteries of the type used in flashlights or for the operation of small apparatus. They contain zinc salts and other solids, or may be of the nickel cadmium type or other combinations of metals. Such batteries must be packed in inner packagings in such a manner as to effectively prevent short circuits and to prevent movement which could lead to short circuits. Examples of such batteries are: alkali-manganese, zinc-carbon, nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries.

IATA Special Provision A123

A123 This entry applies to Batteries, electric storage, not otherwise listed in Subsection 4.2–List of Dangerous Goods. Examples of such batteries are: alkali-manganese, zinc-carbon and nickel-cadmium batteries. Any electrical battery or battery powered device, equipment or vehicle having the potential of a dangerous evolution of heat must be prepared for transport so as to prevent:

(a) a short-circuit (e.g. in the case of batteries, by the effective insulation of exposed terminals; or, in the case of equipment, by disconnection of the bat