24 Hour Emergency Response Number Requirements

24 Hour Emergency Response Number

For dangerous goods shipments in most cases a 24-hour emergency number is required. The following citation contains the information for this requirement under CFR49. In the IATA DGR this is cited as USG-12.

IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations

Section 2.8.2 List of State Variations


On shipments to, from, within or transiting through the US, emergency response information as described below must be provided for all dangerous goods other than magnetized material (UN 2807), dangerous goods for which no Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods (transport document) is required by 49 CFR.

Telephone Number: The Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods required by these Regulations must include an emergency response telephone number (including the area code and for telephone numbers for locations outside the US, the international access code or the “+” (plus) sign, country code and city code needed to complete the call from within the US) for use in the event of an incident involving the dangerous good(s). The number must be monitored at all times while the dangerous good is in transportation, including storage incident to transportation by a person who:

1. is knowledgeable of the hazards and characteristics of the dangerous good(s) being trans