IATA Special Provision A197

Air (ICAO / IATA) Requirements


The master air waybill does not need a statement. A dangerous goods declaration is not required

General Packaging Requirements:

Packages must meet requirements in section, and

Marking and Labeling Requirements:

Not applicable

For air shipments that contain either UN3082 or UN3077 there is an exemption in the 60th edition IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations).

The exemption under IATA special provision A197 allows for packages that have inner packages (plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags) of 5 L for UN3082 and 5 kg for UN3077 or less. For single packages such as plastic drums, steel drums and fibreboard boxes the limit is also 5 L for UN3082 and 5 kg for UN3077.