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UN Specification Marks Guide

UN tested packaging is required to be embossed with UN specification markings which indicate to the user of the packaging important information about the package. The UN specification mark in conjunction with the closure packaging instructions provided by the manufacturer and distributor indicate the proper assemble, use and limitations of the package. Below are examples of UN specification marks and what the coding indicates. Fibreboard Box


4- Box

G- Fibreboard

V- Variation (various inner packages and sizes are allowed, within limitations of closure instructions and regulations)

X- Rated for packing group I, II, and III

S- Solids or inner packages

15- Year of manufacture

USA- Country authorizing marking

+AAAAA- Manufacturer of packaging


Steel Drum


1- Drum

A- Steel

1- Closed head

Y- Rated for packing group II and III

1.5- Maximum specific gravity of liquid

100- Package pressure rating in kPa

15- Year of manufacture

USA- Country authorizing marking