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Our staff members have decades of experience in hazardous material regulations and are able to assist with any company’s dangerous goods compliance needs. Our services are heavily relied upon by manufacturers, distributors, and members of the logistics community from across the globe.

From hazmat packaging, crating, and warehousing services to consulting, on-site and online training, we are a full-service logistics support company specializing in hazardous material.

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DGM New York 95 Newfield Ave Suite K dangerous goods management Edison NJ
Class 3 flammable liquid hazmat packaging, environmentally hazardous liquid nos, class 9, organic pe
DGM New York warehousing hazmat hazardous material dangerous goods packaging and crating facility
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Sang Edition, UN3166, Vehicle, flammable liquid powered, class 9, haz
BASF 2500 plastic drums UN3082
Blocking and bracing explosives container hazardous material ocean container IMDG code proper blocki
IATA hazmat packing service NY and NJ ID8000 consumer commodity class 9 dangerous goods CFR49
crating, wood crates, wood boxes, export crate, crating services, IPPC, ISPM-15, heat treated wood
hazmat, hazardous materials, hazardous, dangerous goods, IATA, CFR49, dangerous goods declaration, I

 Dangerous Goods Services

  • Classification and SDS Research (Safety Data Sheets)

    • Dangerous Goods Documentation (CFR49, ICAO, IATA and IMDG Code)

    • 24-Hour Emergency Response Number

    • Packing and re-packing for all types of UN specification packaging

    • TSA compliant pre-flight/tender inspection of other shipper’s cargo

  • Custom Crating and Packaging Services

    • ISPM-15/IPPC compliant custom wooden crates

    • Aerospace parts, motorcycles, furniture, fragile items

    • MIL-SPEC Boxes

  • Static Sensitive - Electronics Packaging

    • Marking and labeling

    • Shock absorbers, drop sensors, tip n' tell sensors

Warehouse Services

  • TSA compliant security procedures

  • Security cages and video surveillance

  • Magaya ® LiveTrack 24-hour online customer tracking

  • Non-hazardous and hazardous materials warehousing and distribution

  • Cross-Docking

  • Ocean container stripping, loading, blocking and bracing

  • Pick and Pack

Online training, customer training and consulting

  • Online training from any computer anywhere in the world with internet access

  • Customized training programs

  • In-house consulting with customer’s shipments

  • Dangerous goods compliance guides compiled specifically for customer’s needs

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